by Tim Clark, for no reason in particular

I have seen the future of web development.

DRIVE-THRU DEV: your total web developer.

We have in our employ 31 certified clairvoyants and empaths to deliver your site or produce your tech solution before you even knew what you wanted. Using the latest in high-curvature space-time mechanics, our web team can create for you a customized e-commerce solution, even while you're deciding whether your company should accept JCB cards!

No more hold music! Our talented psychic tech-support team anticipates every error, and calls you just as you try that new modem with IRQ conflicts, or maybe gives you a ring reminding you not to edit your registry by trying to code it in PostScript!

No more will you need to say *this* to your web developer:

"Your sad devotion to that ancient platform has not helped you conjure up the corrupted data tapes, or given you clairvoyance enough to find the User's hidden files..."

No more will you need to wait for your complete web solution! 6 Week production cycles? A thing of the past! 24-hour turnaround? How about 24 seconds? How about *instantly*? No problem!

We're DRIVE-THRU DEV*: on the driving edge of the instant gratification bandwagon!

* - not associated with "DRIVE-THRU DEAD: Embalming while you wait (as if you had anywhere to be!)"