The entrance gate from the public road, named "Lucas Valley Road/Smith Ranch Road"

This is the part of the road leading up to the Ranch. Skywalker Sound is out of frame, just up to the left. Beyond the vineyards on the right is Lake Ewok. In the distance you can see the main House.

The front of the Ranch.

A view of the second story, where the art department, editors and Lucas have offices.

The entrance, and the grand staircase to the second floor Lucas and MacCallum have offices.

The library, where LucasArts and Lucasfilm products are displayed. This room doubles as a THX-certified theatre, and is completely suspended independently from the rest of the house. The wood coffeetable has a slide out panel with a touch screen that controls the AV equipment.

A guest house for visitors to the Ranch.

The props and the famous archives are kept in this very locked, nondescript building.

The Ranch is so large that the local volunteer fire department wouldn't cover it. So, Lake Ewok and the Lucasfilm fire department were created in case of emergencies.

In order to be considered a Ranch, it must grow something. This Ranch grows grapes, donated by Copola.

The man made lake is called Lake Ewok. Skywalker Sound appears in the left above the car.

The General Store.

One of the ILM fronts, which is an office park about 20 minutes outside the Ranch in Marin County. This one is for an "Optical Research Lab".