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Kwame wants to be a rodeo frog too.

Sharon allows Kwame to try on actual Media Revolution props. A purple bow and a karaoke machine.

Kwame makes his appearance on the set of the Ringcam.

Kwame wants to know what makes German creative.

Kwame stumbles onto one of Media Revolution's dark secrets. The torture and mutilation of stuffed animals is a common practice in some dark corners of the office. The horror!

Kwame pokes around the very cubicle of the president of Media Revolution.

One of Media Revolutions many trophy rooms. This room is said to be completely suspended by marshmallows.

Always fascinated by technology, Kwame meets the keeper of the Brother P-Touch.

Although he isn't allowed behind any closed doors, Kwame considers poking his head in and asking for the president.

Eager for the tour to never end, Kwame attempts to stow away.

After a long, enjoyable day at the Office, Kwame's owner Karen decides to give him a bath in the kitchen sink.

Kwame's friend Ian made him a Windows Media Player skin.

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