Welcome to the special tour page of Kwame, the irate monkey!

Today Kwame had his very own tour of Media Revolution! On Wednesday October 4, 2000, Kwame had the opportunity to attend a special, secret meeting at the world famous Media Revolution headquarters located in sunny Santa Monica, California!

Follow along as Kwame takes us through the halls of this famous creative headquarters, meets actual MR employees and more! It's several web pages of sheer fun.

Be sure to tell your friends to come and visit!

Kwame's owner Karen finally arranges a special meeting for Kwame. Kwame waits patiently as the car pulls up into the parking lot that is one of two special Media Revolution parking areas. Very confident of his meeting notes, Kwame carries no agenda, portfolio or pen.

This is it! Kwame is in his very own Internet development meeting! Today he is meeting with a real Web producer named Mandy. Mandy asks his opinion on a bid for an Audio Visual Entertainment startup. Kwame says the idea looks terrific, and reads through the RFP silently. He makes two or three quick changes to the MS Project schedule, and compliments Mandy on her eyewear.

With the important and secret meeting out of the way, Kwame reclines at Perry's desk, and marvels at all the Star Wars pictures, books and toys. Kwame mostly stays quite, hoping not to attact much attention.

Kwame discovers the cardboard cabana, and tries it out.

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