Following is an interesting post by Pritzl on the violet site. Ray sent it to me, it sort of confirms the heart that we've seen in Michael all these years, even though none of us could prove it.


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STARDATE 10:20:1999

We are transporting to San Diego this week, the platforms will land, the band will rock, the glitter will roll, the wind will blow? Next week the wind blows north, waters of life coming to soon, platforms and new costumes to treat the faithful, and the faithless to some tricks and sweets?

I got an interesting letter this week, from a brother who is in a band. And for the first time they are beginning to get some popularity and some backlash, which is a bit normal, you cannot please all men. Didn't Paul say, "beware when all men speak well of you"?

Well, here is some of my response to him, as he admitted he was having a hard time with people accusing their band of certain things. And he apologized, very politely for believing rumors he heard about us in the past.

Man, those rumors will get you every time. poison, poison, poison. Well, we pick up my reply to him.

This is my response:

As for your perceptions of me, I have to remember that you don't know me, may think i should or should not do certain things, but it does not matter what you think i should do... it matters what God thinks i should do.

i am disappointed to know of your clouded judgment of me, but as you will see, depending on how good you really are, and how obedient you really are... you will see and feel great hurt...

learn to love it, learn to guard it, learn to embrace it, for it is from the Lord, and it will help you to never forget the lost, the brokenhearted, remember our Lord was a man of sorrows... just what do you think that means?

"wounded in the house of My friends," what do you think that means?

all of His friends deserted Him, too... I take comfort in the suffering of my Lord and my God... some days it is harder than others...

i wrote a few words to my former church associates...

"should i let you near me?
did you take what is mine?
maybe i should show you
why i am lying here,
and leave you all behind..

i think i caught this feeling
standing by the Light Of the World
maybe i was just dreaming
but like i told you before
i wanted to love you
wanted to trust you

maybe i never understand
maybe i am just not pure
you tell me how you love me
is it a lie?
i am not sure

but here am i
here am i
standing by The River
moving by the places that haunt me
here am i

we are finding where we want to go
we are trying to regain control

let the Streams of Light pour down on me
let the Love that Heals me, set me free

come on, CRUSH Me
CRUSH me, baby
Crush me...

i wanted to love you
i wanted to trust you
i just wanted to wanted to wanted to

could you save me now?
i didn't think i would fall so far down
when you crushed me

with a kiss you embrace me
with your lips you betray me
and you crush me
you crush me, now

mjp after being defamed, proclaimed as drunkard, fornicator, leader of men into evil things - why? because he wouldn't let vmg release strength... and so they chose to defame him rather than see their brother be blessed in another organization...

but, in the end, the reality is this... what are two of God's primary business'? redemption and reconciliation and one of my closest friends and pastors is a pastor at the anaheim vineyard, and so much is being reconciled...

i am not sure if this is helping... but i will address your specifics more later...

grace to you..