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Thank you again for partaking in Vegas Jo's Vegas Vacation Extravaganza99'(VJVVE)! You and a guest(who has already been prescreened andpreselected by our VJVVE "travel companion selection panel"-sorry, norefunds and no exchanges) will be travelling first class to the city thatnever sleeps, Vegas!. . .for cheap! You have been notified by a previouse-mail from our VJVVE headquarters that the value of your vacationpackage retailed at $130 per person. That's Wrong! The actual retailvalue of your vacation package is more along the lines of $175! Thee-mail also mentioned that the discounted cost to you would be about $35.That's Wrong! The actual cost to you will be $175! Just kidding. Aftercareful reanalysis the cost may be about $70-$75 per person. This doesinclude transportation and hotel for the entire weekend. However, this isonly a worse case scenario folks. If everything goes as planned, thecost should be more around $35. If you have any concerns or questionsabout this new tidbit, please e-mail me. Now pay careful attention tothe following details for pick up and travel as well as for hotelaccomodations.


The confirmations to date of people going, 13 in total, are as follows:perry wang, tim clark, ed chern, karen jang, hannah lee, angel lee, guycozza, jason jue, me, darryl fong and family(wife cora fong and 2 cutelittle daughters sarah and laura). tony lew is the only a maybe(get withit tony!).


PICK UP WILL BE ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 19, 1999 IN THE AFTERNOONapproximately around 2 p.m. Leave work accordingly. Have everythingpacked and be ready to go. . .or die a horrible death. : )

"Vacation Van A"
Drivers: Me and Perry
Pick-up/rendezvous area: Santa Monica (exact details TBA by me)
Target travel group: Perry, Tim, Eddie, Karen, Me

"Vacation Van B"
Drivers: Guy and Hannah
Pick-up/rendezvous area: Pasadena/S Pasadena (exact details TBA byJason)
Target travel group: Guy, Hannah, Angel, Hannah, maybe Tony???

NOTE: The Transportation Coordinators will contact you and set thepick-up schedule or rendezvous point for your target travel group.<>br>
"Derelict Vacation Van(cuz it's their own mini-van)"Driver and Passengers: Darryl and family only(including 1 wife, 2 littlegirls)
This travel group will schedule on their own but will arrive in Vegasfriday evening as well


There are 4 Rooms which are reserved under the following names. Thesepeople MUST be present to have the room checked in to.

ROOM 1--Me-- reservation#11R4K2
ROOM 2--Ed--reservation#11R4K3
ROOM 3--Hannah--reservation#11R4K6
ROOM 4--Jason--reservation#11R4K7

Each room has two queen beds. There are currently 13 people to fourrooms(maybe 14 if tony goes). 4 of these people are comprised ofDarryl's family. They will have their own room. For the rest of us 9,we shall be divided amongst the three other rooms as follows. The roomsare for TWO people so if your name is in [ ], then you are a silentroomie. you will be as a shadow. . .unseen. . .unheard. . .yet potent anddeadly(much like one who passes gas in a crowded room. : )

ROOM 1--me, Jason, [Guy]
ROOM 2--Ed, Tim, [Perry]
ROOM 3-- Hannah, Angel, [Karen]
*ROOM 4--Darryl, Cora, [Sarah, Laura]

* Since this room is reserved under Jason Jue, Darryl will sign up as asecond person staying in this room to get a second set of keys andcovertly assimilate the room in the name of the Fong clan from Jason.Jason will then retreat to my room.


Please pack for two days and two nights as Vans A and B are returningSunday. Bring money for incidentals such as shopping, eating, and gaming. If you have any reservations about the latter subject you may talk withDarryl as he was a theology prof at Biola. You should be able to findhim at one of the blackjack tables at the hotel. Please don't ask him ifhe's got good cards.

any more questions?. . . contact me! any answers?. . . what the heck wasthe queston?

have fun and enjoy your much needed vacation!!!

Vegas Jo
VJVVE executive travel coordinator

p.s. NOTE: PLEASE DELETE the last e-mail you received "subject: lasvegas: thank you for your interest".

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