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Today, hidden bombs within the theme park.

You all know that the world's most famous amusement theme park, RageBomb, USA, features the loveable cartoon character, Rage the Bomb.Butdid you know that there are hidden Bombs throughout the park? The animators and fusioneers of RageBomb, USA frequently inject their ownsubtle jokes and references into the films, TV shows and theme parks that RageBomb, USA is so popular for.

For example, did you know that all of the female employees wear their hair in ponytails? In the right light, the shadows of their headsmake out the familiar circular Bomb shape and his curly fuse. Neat, huh? Also, when you are just entering the Bomb a Deer waterride logs, lookup and to the left when the log departs the loading ramp. You'll see that the green and yellow animatronic antelope has an unusual tattoo -- in the shape of a Bomb!

Our most frequent visitor to RageBomb, USA, Tim Clark (of Downey, CA), recently asked about the JimJones KoolAid Cup ride. Although the cups were removedin late 1976 due to a lack in popularity, the cups can be seen hidden inside the new Hay Ride to Hell attraction that now occupiesthat part of WrathLand. In the queue while watching the slideshow on the combustion of farm waste, look up just above the projector. It'sone of the JimJones cups! (You may need a flashlight to see it). It isn't a hidden Bomb, but it sure is neat.

>From alt.theme-parks.ragebomb.usa:

Wysiwyg replies in article

>...what's with all those darn hidden bombs all
>over the place? Huh? my kid jsut about choked on one of
>the razerblade candybars they got in the
>carts. i think they ought to be nicer,
>becuase, RagBomb is a family place...

Hey Bubba,
You jusr dont get the idea of the hidden bomb.
Read the FAQ before posting about what you don't know!


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