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"My uncle Denis played Wedge. He came up one day to the set, and as we were walking across the canteen to George, he said, 'He's wearing exactly the same shirt he was when he directed the first one.'"

-- Ewan McGregor, during the filming of Episode I

"He just told me that Shmi Skywalker earlier in the story had come from another galaxy, a Swedish one."

-- Pernilla August, on George Lucas' solution to her Swedish accent

"On Dagobah, Luke has to make an awesome decision, whether to remain on that planet long enough to gain powers that could save the galaxy, or to leave precipitately to aid his imperiled friends.

"This decision," says Kersh, "is the element of ambiguity that makes the picture's content so rich. Whatever Luke decides can be interpreted two ways. His decision can be seen as a character strength or a character weekness, depending on how you look at it. What is more moral: to try to save the world or to attempt to rescue the friends closest to your heart? That is the moral dilemma at the root of the matter."

-- Irving Kershner

"When I go to the theater and see the movies, I sometimes expect him to talk to me from the screen."

-- Mark's son Nathan Hamill

"Another big shopper is Frank Burton, head of the property department, who has bought or scrounged thousands of props for the picture. For example, he bought an old V8 engine and broke it up into hundreds of useful items to furnish sets in space. 'If we can't give a name to something we call it greebly,' he told me. 'Greebly is a word George Lucas coined in Star Wars for something you can't otherwise define.'"

-- Alan Arnold, 1980

"After the success of Star Wars I added another trilogy. So now there are nine stories. The original two trilogies were conceived of as six films of which the first film was number four."

-- George Lucas, 1980

"These films are incredibly difficult to make. Normally a director is concerned mainly with character and with telling a story. In the Star Wars films that is important, but equally important are all the details. They're like little time bombs all over the set, thousands of them, and if you don't catch one, it could do you in. When the shot moves around and there's some little thing that isn't right, it could take the audience completely out of the movie. In a normal film there isn't that thin edge. Reality, reality of the world we know, is a tangible presence in most films. The viewer is there, it's real. But in a film like this, where we're creating a world that doesn't exist, it's very easy to puncture a viewer's sense of reality by a missing or wrong detail."

-- George Lucas, 1980, on making films like ESB

"Yes, for a long time I thought of my mother as a movie star and not as a person. I remember thinking she only sang in movies. It shocked me one day when I heard her singing in the car. I had thought singing was something she did for others and for a living, not for me simply because she happened to be feeling good."

-- Carrie Fisher, 1980, about her mother Debbie Reynolds

How did you get beyond your stuttering problems?

"When I got to high school, I had a teacher who discovered I was writing poetry on the sly, and one day he challenged me as to whether I was the author. In order to prove that I wrote it, I had to get up in front of the classroom and recite it--and I did without stuttering. So he used that as a way to regain for me my power of speech, to have me write poetry and read it to the class."

-- James Earl Jones

"I was wearing a very dignified black outfit. I remember it quite well...Japanese black trousers and a T-shirt ... That was it, I'm afraid--nothing outrageous."

-- Ian McDiarmid, on what he wore under the Emperor's robes

"I guess I would like to be remembered as a nice guy and that I cared about people. You couldn't ask for anything morethan that."

-- George Lucas, 1998

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