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..: Perry Gets New Mobile Number

Santa Monica, CA (PMI) -- In a generous move by his employer, Santa Monica-based Web house Media Revolution, LLC, has extended Project Producer Perry Wang the benefitof a mobile phone. His new number is (310) 555-1533. Wang will continue inhis position for as long as they let him keep his Star Wars toys by hisdesk.

Local Phone Recipient's Friend Surprised, Perplexed

Anaheim, CA (PMI) -- Perry Wang, a Project Producer for Media Revolution,LLC, was recently given by the company, as a perk denoting his influentialposition, a wireless telephone. Via a press release earlier today, Mr.Wang's new phone number was distributed to many of his friends. Thewireless phone's carrier, however, remains undisclosed.

In response to this bombshell announcement, Wang's friend, Tim Clark,Quality Assurance Director for a Media Revolution competitor, nearlydropped his granola bar.

"I didn't know that he was allowed to have Star Wars toys by hisdesk," said Clark, "I mean, I've been there before, and I remember the StarWars toys, but I thought his position as a Producer might have required himto have a more professional looking desk. He's very lucky."

Besides the shocking revelation which this reporter is inclined to call"Star-gate," Clark was also somewhat dismayed at the ramifications of thisnew cellular acquisition.

"I just got to the point where I had his old number memorized,"laments Clark, "It's not like I have as good a memory as I once had."

Clark, a one-time Star Wars Trivial Pursuit Champion dethroned by Wang,believes that, despite the inevitable adjustments that are to be made, thesituation can be seen as positive.

"If he gets better service, than I think that it's pretty cool. He hascomplained in the past about poor coverage and the addition of unrequestedchargeable services."

Added Clark, "I hope he likes it. Maybe I'll even get to see the phoneon Saturday."
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