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..: Meet Oolong. He's in Japan.

This is Oolong. He is a Japanese rabbit. His owner likes to put things on his head. Little foods, mostly. Oolong is described as patient, and is okay with these things.


Oolong says get back to work! There is work to do!

Today we found a message in English from Oolong's owner:

Hello Everyone,

[I am not good at English, this message got big help by my friend who lives in USA]

Thanks for visiting my Japanese website. This is a site devoted to me andmy rabbit, Oolong. I built this site mainly for Japanese rabbit lovers, butrealize that I have a lot of international visitors who are curious about meand Oolong, judging from the thousands of hits I receive daily and manye-mails written in English from all over the world.

Oolong is 7 years old and was born in an outdoor rabbit group in a park inHokkaido. Hokkaido is the northern-most island in Japan. He is a tough,healthy rabbit since he had a wildlike childhood. Recently, however,he has developed abcesses on his cheek, and has had to undergo two surgerieslast spring. It doesn't still fully recovered, but is getting well now.

I want to reassure everyone out there about the nature of my site. This isa site to demonstrate the natural days of Oolong and me. Period. To mysurprise, I realize that this site has been spread around some American chatforums and/or passed around as office humor. I am really surprised at thenumber of visitors that come to my site, but I hope no one misunderstandsthe nature of my site. Some visitors have written me e-mails, accusing me ofbeing cruel to my rabbit and that I am abusing my pet. This was never myintention when I included numerous links to photographs, showing Oolong'sunique ability to hold objects on his head. This is not a site to mockrabbits, or demonstrate animal abuse. I'm sure you understand it if you seewhole my site.

Oolong is so calm and patient -- he never gets angry when I take pictures ofhim. When I put various objects on his head, he stays still for a minute.This is just a result of an intimate relationship between me and Oolong.The main theme of my site is not to show these 'headperformance' links,and it's not my hope to propagandize nothing but the strangeness of hisheadperformance over the world.

I'm sorry I can't make a special English edition of my website, but I don'thave enough time to translate everything on the site. However, if you rollover the photographs with your mouse, you can see pop-up captions inEnglish. Please use Internet Explorer to view this.

Anyway, thank you for checking out my site and I'm so happy that so manypeople all over the world have come to love Oolong.

Thank you and take care!

Oolong's owner
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