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Yush's father has passed away. I remember the time Yush's dad was going to Europe, to paint the various sites. His dad is a very talented painter, and whenever Yush talked about his skill, you knew it was true. His father was widely published, and his work appeared in many Asian magazines. I've seen only a handful of his paintings, and they are all amazing. Yush says that those only show one side of his craft; for he had been trained in all kinds of painting. Expressionism to photorealism.

Had the privilege once to watch some of Yush's videotape of his father, from that Europe trip. In the videotape, Yush's dad was painting, Big Ben, I think it was. He started with the angular shapes. Mr. Yuen laid bold dark strokes onto the canvas, laying paint down quickly. He didn't start with a sketch to establish forms, or shapes first. Instead, as only a master can do, he started with light. He laid down color and lack of light, and that represented and conveyed the shape and form. It was amazing. Yush told me he painted Big Ben in something like 30 minutes.

The great thing was that Yush also brought along a paint set. Yush must have been painting for years, but to see him paint alongside his father, that was something. It told me he enjoyed his father, and his father's work. When Yush was around his father, he was always a son. Not the 29 year old son, but one about 8 years old. His father, was a superhero, who did no wrong and had limitless resources.

Today, the group of us at MR received message that his father passed away. Here's what Yush wrote:


My dad just past away on 8/21 5:15 am HK time. Thank you all for your prayers for the past few month.

My family and myself are doing ok. sad, but as my dad said himself at the end, alleluia, he is with God now. alleluia, thanks god for the best father.

more updates to follow.

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