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..: Report from the Culver City KFC

I'm in the cleanest, homiest KFC I've ever been in. The floors and tables are clean, all the signage is clean and properly posted at right angles. The people working here are nice. When they gave me my food, the woman said "enjoy your meal" with such sincerity that she had to be the manager.

There is a sign, handwritten, behind the counter with an odd list on it. I can't see #1.

#2 $10.00 Gas Money.
#3 Free '6' Piece Meal for two.
#4 No Cleaning for a Day.
#5 Free Choc. Chip Cake.
#6 Gerber to do 20 push ups.
#7 Miguel Chicken Dance.
#8 Manager for a day.
#9 K.F.C. Merchandise.
#10 FREE Car Wash (Heidi)

I'm going to get a refill and look at what #1 says.

Ok, here it is:

#1 Write Own Schedule for a Week.
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