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Living with Yush in his condo those couple of years taught me one main lesson: Be nice to your neighbors or they will become monsters. Yush and his neighbors got into a war fought with typed letters, hand-written threats, and backstabbing slander. The casualties lived in the garage; The results of war were the damaged paint jobs of expensive foreign sedans, their finishes deliberately and deeply scratched with keys.

So when we recently borrowed a couple of bikes, I had more than a little stress about where we'd keep the bikes in our apartment complex. We had no more space in our apartment. We are even using the 2nd shower as a storage closet. We don't want to use the balcony; the bikes would rust. We don't want to use the communal patio, there is nothing to lock the bikes to. We don't have room in front of our cars in the garage downstairs. Hmm, but our neighbor Peter does have room in front of his car. And he parks in front of a gate, which people are already using to lock bikes to.

We ask his permission, and he says ok. The next day, we go down to the garage, take the bikes out of the Xterra, and lock them to the gate in front of Peter's car. As it turns out, we made a mistake.

I came home to read this hand-written letter from Peter:
June 21, 2001

Perry Wang

When I came back from the market today, I noticed that you had LOCKED both of your bikes to the steel railing in front of our car. I know that you had permission from us to use our extra space. If you will examine the fact that the gate that the gardeners use to gain access to the hoses they use to wash down the garage etc each week, is now securly fastened by your locks.

We shall have to make some BETTER arrangements, or our graceful gardeners will infropinate your bikes --

Does anyone know what "infropinate" means?
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