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..: '98 White Toyota Corolla

I got a phone call this morning.

"Hi, this is [so-and-so] from the 76 service station. When are you going to come and pick up your car?"

"My car isn't there," I replied.

"Really? Is this Ms. Jessica Scribner?"


"Do you drive a '98 White Toyota Corolla?"

"No, I drive a '99 Green Mitsubishi Mirage."

"Have you *ever* driven a white Toyota? Maybe it's the person you sold it to?"

"No, I've never owned a Toyota. I had a Saturn that I brought in a few months ago, but I haven't been to your station since then."

At this point she asked me to hold on a second, and I could hear her and the manager yelling at each other. "She says it's not hers." "But her name is on the paperwork." "But she's never owned a Toyota." "Well, it has to belong to someone!" "But it isn't hers!"

She came back to me on the phone then and rattled off a home phone number, asking if it sounded familiar. "Nope, sorry."

"Well, I'll try that number then. ThankYouVeryMuchI'mSorryToBotherYouHaveANiceDayCLICK!"

- Jessica
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