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..: I didn't mean any disrespect.

Went to drop off some clothes at Sterling Cleaners last night, just moments before they closed at 10pm. Not even sure why I drive the extra 1/4 mile to get there when there is a smaller cleaners right across the street. i think it may be that Sterling Cleaners has a stronger corporate identity, and that if they were to lose an article of mine they might be a big enough company to compensate me for it. well, whatever the reason i pull up at 9:55pm in my Integra, which is a purplish shade of supersonic blue.

I walk through the door.

short dark guy in nice pressed shirt: That's not what I meant.

tall dark guy in nice pressed shirt (to me): Did you hear what he said about your car?

short dark guy: I'm just saying that it's a matter of personal taste.

tall dark guy: No, you said it was awful.

short dark guy (now apologetic, to me): I didn't mean any disrespect.

short and tall dark guys in pressed shirts look to me to comment.

short asian guy with purple integra (after brief, dramatic pause): Well, the car was blue under the light when I bought it from the dealer.

short dark guy, laughs nervously.

tall dark guy, laughs a little more deeply.

I place my clothes on the counter. Ask for an estimate on the sweaters.

tall dark guy: Oh these? An arm and a leg.

We converse further, i get my claim ticket and pull my car out.
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