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I bought a car for $79. A Honda Civic, of the 1980 vintage. It is dull green and a station wagon.

MediaBomb and Clinton
$79 MediaBomb and Priceless Clinton in MR's luxurious parking lot

It used to look like this, except it's a four door wagon and olive green.

It was part of Atlas Honda's "Slasher" used car clearance promo (Atlas Honda is in Fullerton, CA). I got the flyerFriday afternoon. The sale would happen Saturday at 10am. I arrived early.Two cars were offered at $79 to draw the crowds. This car was in cosmeticallyugly shape. It was missing the driver's side door panel, 2 turn signal lenses, andthe seats were torn up really bad (can you say Nightmare On Elm Street?). Not to mention that the car looked as thoughsomeone allowed a 12-pack of Coke to explode all over the dash, seats and floor. Just for fun, they even threw in theblack dirty tshirt that the previous owner used as a seat cover. I plopped down $202 after doc fees, smog fees,dmv fees and tax. It was great, and they treated me like I was buying a real car.The Civic was an automatic (!) and came with a new battery and 4 newly (retread)Firestone tires. Also the air strut for the back hatch was new.

After that we took a trip to Pep Boys, got seat covers front and rear. They matchthe interior pretty good (tan) and fit reasonably too. It reminded me on the olddays with my Datsun Maxima 810 (The Batmobile). This Civic is a wagon 4 door also, but much shorter andwith less power. Also got some floor mats and some wax (although waxing the car proved rather hopeless).

Then I went to that "Pick Your Part" junkyard off the 91. Paid a dollar to get in, and stood there for about 5 minutes justreading all the warnings about how not to kill yourself while in the park, er I mean the junkyard.Brought my toolbox and found 3 Civic wagons, just like mine (keep in mind I was in a junkyard, so when I say"just like mine," I mean it). I just ripped the partsI wanted off those old cars. Got a door panel, a bumber apron, rear view mirror,signal lenses, a few dash buttons, and a practically new custom dash cover -- all for $21!It was a good day. That night I dug out some old green vinyl sticker lettering and spelled out "MEDIABOMB" on theback window. You can't miss it, these letters are about 3 inches tall.

The proud captain of the vehicle is my friend and coworker Clinton. His blue Geo just died on the same weekend. I'mhappy to give him something to drive. Together we took the car to Media Revolution's mechanic of choice, Kondo. Kondogave us a new battery mount, negative battery lead, bumper lamp, and sun visor. In turn, Clinton gave him $456 for a newtiming belt and CV axle assembly. Everyone was happy.

Question: Have you ever seen a big white racing stripe down the middle of a red '80 Civic wagon?

Update on 11/3/98 - I received a check this weekend from Atlas Honda. I got a refund on my DMV fee: $7. Looks like I actually overpaid.
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