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look, that's our wedding coordinator. her name is Marty Blixt, and she loves to talk more than you can imagine. she makes the next appointment wait, which is only fair since she made us wait as well. she is polite when she looks over the invitation, controlling her shock at the orange, trying hard to concentrate on the nice picture of me when i was a boy. "Oh, Karen, you lost your front tooth," she said focusing, and Karen says "yeah, I was pushed."

Oh! I know what I have to call Camille about the 4 - 6 pieces of sushi vs. covered chair costs. My mom said that the patio chairs, albeit, not comfortable, would be okay for the "patio-style" reception we are having. I'm debating on whether to have the extra food, or go for the nice covered chair thing. Will they really miss the sushi? Will they prefer the comfy seats? Will I feel better having it look better with the covered comfy chairs?

REJOICE with me! For i have found my lost coin... i mean, i've dropped offthe Invitation files for the printer at FedEx! It's done! A great burdenhas been lifted and now it's time to get married!

hi perrys,

here's the Amada layout. I ended up creating it in Illustrator andmodifying it so that I can use it to show Amy and other people who arehelping. I've enclosed an Illustrator 7.0 eps file for you. Hope you canopen it.

kjs =)

re: weddings: perry: got the invitation, reply is on its way. pleasedwith a world in which graphic designers design their own weddinginvitation. shudder to imagine what mine will look like: unlabelledone-way cul-de-sacs; pre-registered gifts to be dropped by parachutebehind enemy lines; guests may not survive. if & when, of course, notthat i've been dating the same girl for four and a half years or anything.

we try not to think about it.

forgive the prose, have been reading 'gravitys rainbow' again, on thesubway god help me. the people reading over my shoulder don't know what to think i'm sure, probably expecting javascript / gardening tips / celebrity gossip. of course its all in there, pynchon has something for everyone (maybe not the javascript), but out of 700 pages you're far more likely to draw gratuitous T&A.

- leroy. (fka stewart)

From: Clinton Burkhart
To: Perry Wang

Subject: [Random] Just a thought.
Sent: 10/24/2000 2:09 PM
Importance: Normal

Heya Perry --

You know, I was doing some research last night. Although you've pretty much tapped all of your discretionary time to get twenty vacation days, perhaps you have overlooked the possibility of using statistics to move your honeymoon from its current accomplishment well into the realm of legend.

You see, November, although it contains only 1/12 of the time in a year, due to its position in the colder, less clement part of the year, accounts for 1/10 of the sick days taken by the American workforce annually. Insofar as your vacation will cover about 2/3 of the entire month of November, there is a 7% chance, on average, and assuming you approximate the average American workforce member, that you would use a sick day during that time, and a 2.2% chance that you would use two. Add to that the unusual burden of stress that you have shouldered during the time leading up to your honeymoon, and the statistical chance of using at least one sick day rises to close to 30%, which is statistically significant.

Um, I think I've been hanging around Loc too much.

- Clinton.

Note to self: Go to the UHAUL center on Olympic again tomorrow, about this time. Pick up at least 4 furniture blankets, which retail for about $9.99 Tony says. Call before you go. Get them in time for this Saturday's move of KJ's baby grand piano from Culver City to La Palma, where the piano will sit stored on a $100 "piano board" indefinitely, or until we get a shelter large enough to house a baby grand.
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